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Weekly Lineup Jan 18th to 24th 2015

06:00 Morning Culture

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
Civil Partnership and Pride 2010
PIRATES The Curse of the Evil Eye
Local Authorities, Powering the Community - City and Council Managers Association and the Local Authority National Partnership Advisory Group
Iron Mountain Movies - Tall Tales and Pony Tails

07:00 Breakfast

Dark Winter Silence by SHV Studio
Visual Poetry Episode 1
The Entrepreneur - Liberties College Media Dept.
I am Jody Bishop – Weekend Warriors TV Extreme Sports Series
The Lettercollum Kitchen Project Episode 1
Mullaghmore – Celtic Video
Dublin City Public Libraries - Coolock House Coolock

08:00 Rush Hour

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
Everest Gives Back - The Story of INET, by Chris Avison
Waterford Castle Ireland – O’Ceallaigh Productions
Nefaeria - Practical Superstitions No Mans Land

09:00 Irish Delight

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
Herbert and Me – Alley Theatre Strabane
Bui Bolg Street Sweeper and Gym Instructor

10:00 Irish Folk

Well,Well,Well by Anthony Toner
Abby Green – I know My Love
Lark & Spur - Will Ye Go Lassie
Junah - Feel Safe
Home to My Donegal – Noel Flynn and Simon Peters
The Old Man by Richard T. Cooke - celebrating Cork Character Johnny the Horse
Around The World by Túcan
She hits me THE 4 OF US (2011) ACOUSTIC SHOW
Lee Matthews – That Country Girl
Xerfa Folk & Celtic Music
Fictitious Richard composed and performed by Julie Feeney
Ultan Conlon – The Universe Tune
Peter Walls - The Town I Loved So Well
Mórga – Fitzmaurice’s Flight

11:00 Arts in Action

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
The Unveiling - by Grandboy
Amongst Inspiration: With U2 Art Director Steve Averill (On The Joshua Tree Inspirations)
Nefaeria - The Irish Goddess Airmid
I Wish I Was In Pana (A Cork War Song) by Richard T. Cooke and video by Catherine Courtney

12:00 Noon Special

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
Rock with your Cork Out!
Fall Of The Leaf by Michael Fortune
The Dogs - A night at the races with the greyhounds of the Kingdom race course in Tralee, County Kerry, by Jamie Tanner

13:00 Lunch Time Rock

Dublin Town
Exit: Pursued By A Bear – Amedee
Foxx on Fire – No Love in the City
Empire Saints – Note the Meaning
Twisted Escalator by Hypno Puppet
The Aluskas - Skin & Bones
Those Digbeth Days - The Teds
Storyfold – Trick of Light
The Rumjacks – An Irish Pub
Carosel – I’m Sorry
26 Years – Preachers Son
Thread the Needle by Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters
Jetplane Landing - Courage Danger
Red Empire – Deliver Me
ONOFF - Two Blocks Away

14:00 Afternoon Delight

The Story of Kilkeel by local producers – Mourne Seafood Cookery School, Kilkeel
Walking Ireland - The Burren – Celtic Video
South County Dublin Hunt - Horsebox TV
Dublin City Public Libraries - The Moravian Church Kevin Street
A Kingdom Of Song 1 of 2

15:00 Lazy Days

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
A Kingdom Of Song 2 of 2
Where History Meets Art: The Amazing Art of Kells – Washington Centerville Public Library
How Does The Heart Know What The Eyes Can't See? - by The Fastnet Short Film Festival Workshop 2009
Ink - Age and Opportunity
Dublin City Public Libraries - The Pigeon House Ringsend

16:00 Early Evening

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
Knappogue Castle by SHV Studio
Places of the Heart by Bill Lockhart
Ticking Clock – Stephen James Smith
The Poetry of Jim Finnigan. Jim Finnigan talks about his Corduff inspired poetry, filmed by Jim Hawkins for the Lusk Heritage Group and presented by Jim Monks
Wakeboard Night Shoot - Weekend Warriors TV Extreme Sports Series
American Chamber's Tour of Ireland
The Wind that shakes McFarley

17:00 Home Time

Takin' Care of Business
Rescue Me – Niamh O’Riordan
Good Food Live - Fish
The Masterpiece, by Maeve Clancy
Cricklewood Craic by Fair Planet Productions
The Story of 99 by Donal Healy
Dublin City Public Libraries - Royal Dublin Society Ballsbridge

18:00 Tea Time

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
Happy New man's journey into the hearing world - by Soft Irish Rain
Climbing Ireland’s Highest Mountains – Coomloughra – Celtic Video
Being Ballycastle
Dublin City Public Libraries - St. Georges Church Hardwicke Place

19:00 Prime Time

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
The White Lady of Kinsale by LB Frames
What Ever Happened To Ultra-Man by John Walsh
Good Food Live - Cookery Schools
The Dingle Peninsula by SHV Video
The Finglas Marching Band
Killaloe-Ballina by SHV Studio
Irish School of Animation - Air a Dancer

20:00 Evening

An Mol Episode 3
Irish School of Animation - Bert
Barney McKenna - 'A Man You Don't Meet Everyday' by Peter O' Brien
Nietzsche No.5 - Award Winning Short Film, by Shaun O’Connor
Brighter Days, a short animated film by director Daniel McGarrigle chronicling the life of his grandfather Colm Melly (born 1923) – Sharing Stories – Regional Cultural Centre Donegal
The Climb, By Event Junkies
Irish School of Animation - Hold your horses

21:00 Current Affairs

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
Heritage at Play: Playing Irish
Irish Coffee - The History by Andrew Langford
Business as Usual - John Walters
The Last Cooper – David Creedon
Natural – Spin Europe

22:00 Night Time Rock

Dublin Town
For You by I’m Your Vinyl
Wallis Bird - In Dictum (live@The Academy)
The Dirty 9’s - Hey
Valerra Living
That’s What She Does To Me by The Shoos
My Life Story – Rob Wade
The Scenes – Alone
More Than Conquerors - When The Well Runs Dry
C O NEILL & CO :: Feat. Fearghal Mc Kee :: Look Da No Hands
Colin Devlin – The Heart won’t be Denied
Amidships – The One
The Routine - Von Shakes
The Whatmans - Devil Shoes
Hey Sean by Dermot Lambe

23:00 Night Owl

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
Down in the Valley A documentary on the traditional music and song of the Finn and Laggan valleys and how its transcendental qualities obeyed no religious divides in a very divided area. Featuring music, song, and story from Billy McLean, Seamus Gibson, and Martin McGinley. – Sharing Stories – Regional Cultural Centre Donegal
One Winter's Night by Emlyn Boyle
Namara’s Dream Festival by Keith Gaskin ArtisticIvity
Bill Casey - Blacksmith - Co. Dublin by Jim Hawkins

00:00 The Witching Hour

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
The Bonny Men part 1 of 2
The Bonny Men part 2 of 2
Only Fair from a Distance

01:00 Country and Irish

Xerfa Folk & Celtic Music
Lament Performed by Pat Coldrick
O Titanic I Miss Thee - by Richard T. Cooke
Training up my Soul – Building Pictures
Long, Long Before Your Time – Noel Flynn
Harry O'Donoghue sings Danny Boy
Mise Éire - I am Ireland - Patrick Pearse (Pádraig Mac Piarais) - Stephen James Smith and Enda Reilly
Lark & Spur - DownByTheSallyGardens
My Immortal by Affinití
Back Home in Derry by Owen Diviney
Junah - In Your Time
Ultan Conlon – The Will
Túcan – Loot The Spiral (The Factory Sessions)
Chris Henry Say Goodbye Directed by Sergio A. Rodriguez, Produced by Chelsie Evaldi Melendez

02:00 Local Irish

Connect Ireland with Martin Sheen, Michael Flatley and Saoirse Ronan
An Mol Episode 3
Killyleagh...Where legends are born Part 1
W.B. Yeats – An Irish Airman Foresees his Death - By Russell Boyd
Waiting for Elaine by Oisin MacCoille
Terminal Communications by Michael Fortune
Old Gold - Liberties College Media Dept.

03:00 Rock the Night Away

Dublin Town
Red Empire – Small Mercies
Frantic Jack – Soar
The Stoles – Protest Song
New Sunset Hotel by Love Revolution
We Town Criers "Grind"
The Minutes – Black Keys
The Plea - Oh Ah Yay
Tensnake – Something About You
Raglans - Lady Roll Back The Years
Guide You - Glimmermen
Autonomous I - Car Activate
We Start Fires - A Lazarus Soul
Rain by Big September
Ginosko - You Me and The Ferris Wheel

04:00 Insomnia

Killyleagh...Where legends are born Part 2
Shave or Dye by Peter Mark
A Peace of Music by Claire Tchaikowski In celebration of International Peace Day and support of Peace One Day, the legendary Windmill Lane studios in Dublin (aka U2's studios) opened its doors to us so that we could show 9 teenagers growing up in the era of illegal downloads how the music they love is made, and chat together about the meaning of Peace. Staring Dionne Warwick, Noel Eccles and Julie Feeney, and all the people behind the scenes in a recording studio who do an incredible job and rarely get the credit for it.
The Gift of Connection by Charles R. Hale
Dublin City Public Libraries - The American Embassy Ballsbridge

05:00 Early Riser

Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937 - The Dubarry Story
Killyleagh...Where legends are born Part 3
Good Food Live - Food Traditions
Talking about the Neighbours – Pothole Joe
The Old Church Ballyboughal by Jim Hawkins
Depaul Ireland, by Sam Gordon
Four Walls by Shane Reid.
Dublin City Public Libraries - Pearse Station Dublin